Maybe (ex_peacock902) wrote in bipolar_bunnys,

bipolar ptsd combo

this is from my journal too. i have been up a lot lately.

well besides these various disorders that keep me awake, i have a psychological issue with it as well. i fear sleep sometimes and i am fearing it now. i get too sick this way. it is sort of programmed into me. then when i want to sleep finally, i can't because perhaps by then mania had kicked in. that is what this is about when you have the combination of ptsd and bipolar. they affect each other. strangely, i keep meeting people who have this exact combination, i talk to my friend every day who is a viet nam vet who has ptsd and the bipolar too and we have such similar symptoms. we are very different sorts of people but we relate on this level in discussing the daily struggle. anyways this ptsd crap breaks my body down too and i get sick all the time. it has been real bad lately and i feel like a prisoner in my messy apartment. i am trying so hard to keep a good attitude, to keep the hope but it soemtimes is difficult.
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