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Chaotic Days !!!

well yesterday just sucked. i had a bottle of wine during the day and pete got on my case. i thought i had cleared all evidence of the tale-tell bottle but i had left a little circle of foil from the top off bottle. well pete busted me on the wine and busted me on lying about it. he started talking all about rehab and that crap. i said if i go to rehab you have to come too (cause he drinks just as much as i do.) pete said i cannot go to rehab cause i have to work. well we just go into a big argument and i just felt like ending it all. i felt like pete doesn't really love me.

so depressing.........i started writing my will. then pete asked me what i was doing an i told him--don't worry you get all the money. well then he felt bad. it is a shame it takes something like that to make him feel bad and then he professed his love to me. men......cannot live with them....cannot shoot them and bury them out back.

today was better. i had sushi with my mom for lunch. i have not seen her but one day when i was in the psych hospital in march, since december. she has spent the last 6 months in naples, florida taking it easy. i swear that woman has a tough life NOT!!!!!! i was very nervous not having really seen her for 6 months. we talked about superficial, non-important things. typical. i guess it was ok.

pete is on play-station again. where's my gun? j/k i don't own one.

take gentle bunny care,
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