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Wow this journal this is cool......

Ok i am new to this whole journal thing. My best friend peacock turned me on to it. She said i should be writing out my feelings in a journal because they are in suck a mess lately. i thought hell might as well have the journal be public my life is an open book anyway. i was happy to find rasta colors!!!!!!! yeah!!!!

So my name is lizzieloca, you can call me lizzie or violet or bunny. i will respond to any of those. i have bipolar disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. (a fun combo NOT) i was diagnosed seven years ago when i was 23. i live with my fiance Pete (at 28 he is a perpetual child) and my kitty Dusty. i am in therapy with a psycholgist 2x a month and i see a psychiatrist who prescribes me 5 different meds (topamax, seroquel, lithium, xanax and prozac).

everyone is welcome to post here!! as little or as much as you want. we are 4:20 friendly.

take gentle bunny care,
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