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I suppose this is just going to sound clinical, but I'm awful at this sort of thing.

I guess you can say I didn't truely seek the "real" help I needed until I hit my thirties, though it can be said I was ill since childhood. My first run in with psych meds was with a family doctor in my early twenties where I was given Depakote and Prozac. I went into the hospital at the age of 26 on my own and was put on other medications and eventually took myself off of all of them. Since I have been back on there have been so many med changes I can pretty much say I have forgotten all that I have taken. But right now the mix isn't so bad.

I've been diagnosed by my doctor and therapist as well as through testing as the following:
bipolar type ll, borderline personality disorder, generalized anxiety and chronic post traumatic stress disorder.

To tell the truth I don't know or understand where one illness starts and the other begins. I find it all too confusing. I don't know how to seperate my bipolar from my borderline and so forth. If that makes any sense.

The medications I'm currently on for my mental well being:
90mgs Cymbalta, 300mgs Topamax, 3mgs Klonopin, and 75mgs Seroquel

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