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Oh here comes the Scorpio Moon!!!!!

hello everyone
WARNING: i am gonna talk about my period so beware. that said.

fuck!!!!! PMS is here again!!! has another month passed already??????? GRRRRR!!!! bad cramps and no good meds ( like vicodin or percocet) to help with it. i usually get my period on the scorpio moon with my best friend nancy. i live in ohio and she lives out west but we talk so much on the phone that our cycles have sychronized. ( even though her cycle is 21 days and mine is 28) i know too much info. but i don't care. i am in so much pain. hells bells. i guess i will have so smoke myself until i forget i have cramps LOL.

Nancy are you ok? love you gurl. i feel your pain literally. Axl i hope i hear from you soon!!!

take gentle bunny care,
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